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Re: Other music

Other than The Who I find Dire Straits, The Police, Peter Gabrial, Fleetwood 
Mac, Steve Miller, John Denver, EC. The Band & Robbie's solo stuff, Elton 
U2, Van Morrison, Santana, SRV, Fab T-birds, Booker T & and the MG's, CCR & 
Fogerty solo stuff, MUCHO MUCHO blues from Ry Cooder to Sonny Boy Williams. 
Gordon Lightfoot, Bagpipes, Steve Miller, Simon and Garfunkle, The Doors 
(Only their first album). Tom Petty, Neil Young, The Alman Brothers Band. The 
Kinks, Buddy Holly (The father of the 4 piece). That's all can name off the 
top of head.