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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V6 #82

Travels With The Who Part 12
I was so surprised to see the place where they were playing that night...The
Warehouse???It looked similar to the place where I went every Thursday night
to go dancing!  Here they were with all this super duper equipment and
spots....wow!!!  Bob Heil, remember him, their newly appointed sound equipment
manager that they hired after the MRF show at my college?  Well, he was kinda
shocked too!  So needless to say the first night was going to be a trial and
error gig.  The band got pretty wasted that night during and after the concert
because the sound was so horrible but it was pretty cool because it was like
seeing them in a basement at band practice.  They would stop playing to tune
their guitars and held several conversations with each other...especially
Kieth.  He got out from behind his drums a few times to get his point across
more effectively if you know what I mean! LOL  After the show was over
everyone just laughed..except for Roger...he was a little upset over it all.
Later on that night Bob told me he had taped the show and gave me a copy.
Every now and then I get it out and listen to it for a laugh.  I like the part
when he talked about John...I seen 'im movin...he turns the television on and
To Be Continued.......