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Paul, Yoko, & Kampuchea


>If you read more closely, you'll find most of us had some respect for Mr.
McCartney. i myself cited several songs off of "Tug of War", "Pipes of
Peace", "Flowers" and "Egg" ( and other good albums).<

I think I sent my e-mail just as I received your reply in the latest
digest.  Which proves I should always check my e-mail before
sending anything out. <g>  Glad you like Paul, too...he's really
not as bad as he's been painted.

>And incidentally, i respect Yoko for offending the shit out of the
critics that licked the Beatles' shoes. Her stuff, while not great, is
interesting in the way alot of performance art (which critics would adore
much later) is. 
   Lest i be subjected to a firestorm: Yoko sucks. And so does Suzie

ROFL!!  Well, at least you've heard some of her stuff, although you
might check out SEASON OF GLASS for some fine *music*.

>p.s.: i've been playing some music aloof to sin, and you know, it DOES
i wonder why...<

Now, with all due respect to Pete, what the hell does that MEAN?
I've always wondered.

> I do like the UNPLUGGED album, if that helps.<

How about CHOBA B CCCP?  You've got to admit, the man
can cover great rock & roll.

>I have only three words for you: Never Ask Me. Now WHAT love song says it
better than that one?<

"Never Ask Me" is not a song that pops into my head when
I think of Pete's love ballads.  "Sunrise" is my favorite of his,
and it's a great one; but Townshend just doesn't *do* love
songs much (unless they're to Meher Baba). 

>> So what IS wrong with that, I'd like to know?  I tell my husband
> I love him every day, and vice versa

(newlyweds, sheesh!)<

<g>  10th Anniversary coming up this October....

>>as well.  Hell, Pete played on "So Glad To See You Here"
> and "Angry"; he must've thought they were pretty damn good!

(strapped for cash)<


>Uh, listen...I've got this Yoko collection in my store called WALKING ON
THIN ICE (no relation to I Can't Explain), and it's great and all that, and
just waiting for a home.

I'll give you a good deal!!!<

Thanks, but I don't need it; see below.

>Maybe the boxed set, with an entire unreleased album included (imagine
music they choose NOT to release!). I swear it's real; I saw it in the New
Orleans Tower Records one Mardi Gras, and I wasn't even that drunk.<

I own a copy (it's what WOTI was compiled from).
Great stuff there, honest, including lots of real songs.
But we can agree to differ again, I guess. <g>

BTW, one of the greatest rock & roll images I've
ever seen was during the Kampuchea concert, when
Rockestra was up onstage (Paul's all-star backup
band).  Everyone was in gold lame tuxes and top hats
except for Pete, in a black suit, and he was obviously
drunk half out of his mind.  The close-up of him and
Paul standing together, with a cherubic grin on Paul's
face and a drunken leer on Pete's, was the angel/devil
image of the entire event.  Wish I had a poster of that