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Come on, enough of the Stones bashing


As a huge fan of BOTH the Stones and the Who, I must say I'm getting a
little bit tired of all of this bashing of the Stones.  If all of us Who
fans don't want to come off as having a gigantic inferiority complex when
it comes to the Rolling Stones, we have got to use constructive criticism
and not just blatant unfair bashing.

Personally, I think that comparing the Stones and Who is like comparing
apples and oranges.  Pete may not have written songs that were meant to be
commercial or poppy; Jagger and Richards perhaps did.  My question is,
what's wrong with that?  I've always thought that rock and roll was
supposed to be stupid and fun, which is many times what the Stones are!
Who cares if they don't write insightful social comments the way Pete
does?!  Not me.  When I'm in the mood I like to listen to goofy stuff like
Shattered.  For God's sakes, I even own the Trashmen's greatest hits, and
that's about as stupid as you can get!  

I also think that if you listen to the bands, the Stones were always kind
of a boogie type band where the Who have been a roaring powerhouse type
deal.  So again, apples and oranges people.  

Basically what I'm trying to say is that there are people out there who
like both the Stones and the Who, and I personally like the Stones more.
But just because you like one doesn't mean you have to sit and bash the
other and disregard all of the contributions that they have made to rock
and roll.  So when you criticize, criticize constructively and
intelligently.  Please?!