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Set List

Ok, here is my most requested set of little numbers.

Pete, John, or Roger, if your listening we desperatly need another show
or another album. Im having who withdrawls. 

This would be one hell of show ~ 

C'mon Pete, John, Roger ......pleaaaassseeee

Won't Get Fooled Again (Electric)
I Can't Explain
Young Man Blues
Shakin All Over
Summertime Blues
Fortune Teller
Little Billy
Shout and Shimmy
Slip Kid 
Eminence Front
My Wife
Going Mobile
Dreaming from the Waist
Gettin' in Tune
Boris the Spider
It's a Boy
Amazing Journey / Sparks
Piball Wizard
Were not Gonna Take It !
Naked Eye
Magic Bus

Encore : 
                 A Quick One While He's Away
                 Who are You
                 Join Together
                 My Generation (shakin' the guitar for feedback)