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Set List

OK, here are my choices (trying not to make the show too long).
First:  TED, Zak and Rabbit are the sole players (I might sit
in on backing vocals <g>).  Second:  The sound will NOT be
at the same decibel level as their normal concerts; I don't
like my music loud enough to damage my hearing, quite
honestly.  This will probably turn some of you off, but I'll
bet the guys would appreciate it.  No lasers & the like;
just the band.

Baba O'Riley
Eminence Front
Heaven And Hell
I Don't Even Know Myself
Let's See Action

Acoustic set:
So Sad About Us
Happy Jack
Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
I Can See For Miles
Slip Kid
Behind Blue Eyes
Pinball Wizard
Too Much Of Anything
Magic Bus

Back to electric:

Run Run Run
The Good's Gone
A Legal Matter
Boris The Spider
Naked Eye
Who Are You
Join Together


I Can't Explain
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Pictures Of Lily
My Generation (w/guitar feedback)

If they still wanted to play, I'd ask for these:

Baby Don't You Do It
Hall Of The Mountain King
Daddy Rolling Stone
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

I'm sure some of these choices are peculiar.
My excuse is that I've heard TOMMY, QUAD and
their GH's live, so I'd like some more diverse material.

- --Carolyn
"It's the singer not the song, that makes the music roll along"