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Pete's playing on The Secret Policeman's Ball album

Hello everyone,
Sorry it took me so long to respond to this but I have been busy AND
also have been listening to other things.  (I just got a big cache of
John Entwistle CD's.  What killers!)

I wanted to relisten to this LP before I responded.  John Williams
doesn't play along with Pete at all.  The album has several cuts of
Pete and one of John doing an excerpt of a Bach suite.  Pete is playing
alone on all of his cuts.  This time I made absolutely sure to listen for
additional guitar which would be easy since Pete and John Williams come from
two different schools when it comes to guitar.  But then again I was the one
that thought it was 'whore' and not 'bomb' in Athena.  Anyway, that's what I'm
hearing.  Pete plays alone on his cuts, John plays alone on his cut and yes
they apparantly played the same gig.

The best to all,
Beau (Would you please turn that down Beau!) McCrury

>I'd heard that Pete actually FELL ASLEEP during WGFA and that John
>Williams just kept playing and Pete woke up in a round or two and
>started playing again.  Pete has said he was really drunk during these
>performances and you can hear him slip a few vocals.  But wait, Pete
>slips the vocals when sober, so... :)
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