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Re: Keith Getting Honored

>From: jennifer fox <jfox@mail.slc.edu>
>     Remember to do your duty and put your bid in for Keith so that he will
>be the next musician to be honored with a plaque next year.  Jimi was the
>first, let's make sure that Keith will be the next.

I think it's really weird that Jimi got a plaque before Keith.  Granted
that he first "made it big" in England before the US, still he was American
and I believe he only lived in London for a couple of years.  I suppose if
someone's looking for an excuse to put up a plaque Jimi would be OK as a
candidate, but there are many other gen-u-wine English rock starts who
deserve it more IMO.  Thankfully, though, most of them aren't dead yet :-).


"When I'm on stage, it's not like bein' possessed...it's just...*I* *do*
*my* *job*."                 - Pete Townshend