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Re: More on Buddy, Chuck, Beatles and The WHO!

In a message dated 97-09-01 10:16:18 EDT, hpeek@dave-world.net writes:

<< I can almost agree to that, except that McCartney, for one has stated
 explicitly that he started writing songs because Buddy Holly had.  The
 Beatles were the next step in the evolution of rock from Buddy Holly.  I
 wouldn't be surprised if they were his illigimate sons.  Actually, I think
 that most bands in the early sixties who wrote their own material did it not
 because the Beatles did it, but because Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Bo
 Diddley, Carl Perkins and Eddie Cochran did it.  They weren't imitaating the
 Beatles or Brian Wilson so much as they simply shared the same influences.
 now, the second wave of the british invasion might be a different story.

You're forgetting someone......ELVIS!!! I'm not a fan, but he was a huge
influence on John Lennon, I know, and I'm sure he was not the only one. I
seem to remember McCartney saying that he was "perfect". If you read up on
other interviews with others, I'm sure you'll find similar comments.

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