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Re: Beatles / Ian

In a message dated 97-09-01 05:15:06 EDT, THRH79B@prodigy.com (MS KELLY D
GILES I) writes:

<< >I think we all can safely   Ian is a gayboy! 
 I'm sorry Bill, this is the WHO list.  You seem to have it confused 
 with the Stupid Bigots list.  I do hope you get your messages sorted 
 out and going to the right places soon. >>

Ian is far from a gayboy. He's an intelligent gentleman with excellent
musical taste. If you are calling Ian a "gayboy" for liking the Beatles or
something, then I guess I am too. Anyways, I stopped calling people "gayboy"
in 3rd grade. Grow up man.

- -Mike (DayTriper1@AOL.COM)
"Goodbye all you punks, stay young and stay high,
Hand me my checkbook, and I'll crawl off to die." -Pete Townshend
"Searchin' high, searchin' low, askin' the cops wherever I go,
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