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New Items In.

Mail me for privately j 5:15 for list. Pixs/Posters/Odds & Sods!

Pete Townshend: Interview With A Psychoderelict. U.S. Atlantic Radio Only
Interview & Music Promotional CD. Includes: Part 1: PT's Pyschoderelict
Profile 29:18 includes Announcer intro & songs. Part 2: Excerpted answers
only. Part 3: Bounus Answers. 46:26 minutes. Color Pix disc/Cover color pix
of PT's mouth/inside booklet all Radio CD info. Extremely rare WW. $40.00

The Sonics All Music Site. Published By Jay Siekierski In The OCTAVE
Http://www.earthlink.net/~thesonics Steppenwolf & Link Wray CD Contests Are