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Re: Pete, solo and Who

Rich B. wrote:
>1.  On studio recordings, I like Roger's voice much better than I 
>Pete's.  And live, there is no question.  Apart from his frequent 
>to screw up or forget the lyrics he penned, Pete's vocals in concert 
are at
>best a mixed bag.  At his Chicago House Of Blues show there were 
many, many
>instances when he hit bum notes vocally.

Ah Richie my dear, I hate to disagree with you, but I think you are 
selling Pete short!  When it comes to technical precision, range, and 
vocal power, then Roger is certainly one (or two, or three...) up on 
Pete.  But Pete's voice has a certain charming je ne sais quoi (I 
can't believe I am using such a pretentious phrase, but Pete does 
that to me) which Roger's lacks.  Pete made me believe that he really 
WAS sad about us, Roger did not.  As long as Pete can pull that off, 
I will overlook the odd bum note or nasal whine.

- -Yellow "I know not what" Ledbetter