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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V4 #287

Alan Mackndree signs his post with the quote "The Rolling Stones are the
Microsoft of Rock".  Is there a point to this statement?  

	If this metaphor is based on the fact that the Stones take a sophisticated
business approach to selling their new albums and promoting their concert
tours, then the comparison is not particularly enlightening.  Why make the
comparison specifically to Microsoft?  Why not any other succesful, profit
driven corporation like Coca-Cola or Pepsi?  Also, it is not as if there are
no other bands who handle their albums and concert tours in a similar
fashion.  The Who themselves are guilty of having corporate sponsors for
their tours with their bottom line as profit.  I don't think you would have
seen the Quadrophenia tour without the band's assurance of going home with a
fairly large profit.

	If this metaphor is supposed to draw parallels between the Stones' and
Microsoft's business pratices, it also makes no sense.  Microsoft is
notorious for its anti-competitive practices  with a plan for as much market
domination as is allowed under the anti-trust laws.