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Spice Girls, Led Zep etc.

I agree that their breasts are not very impressive. I guess Pete isn't a
very good judge of boobs, SINCE HE'S GAY!
(pause to let people start to type indignant responses)

The Washington Post did have an interesting article about the Girls,
describing how they were picked after answering an ad for "spunky girls"
which made no mention of singing. It also described their inability to
dance, which was proven by the hilarious picture accompanying the
As far as Led Zep, I have stood up for them before so- I know somebody
already debunked that Black Sabbath theory, I'll just say that I think
the opposite is true, Led Zep was never prolific, their strength was
that they almost never made a bad song- there are maybe three or four
exceptions in their whole catalog. These are my two favorite groups, but
I can't say there aren't a few weak tracks on Face Dances and It's Hard.
I think the main difference is that The Who are great musicians, but the
words are the most important, while Led Zep's words served mainly as a
complement to the music. The Who openly took a social/political stand ie
"I hope I die before I get old" while Zep intentionally steered clear of
this and simply played great music.