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Recent Submissions-Feedback

Hi All-
Am quite enjoying most of the current submissions. I have a few words to
say 'bout lotsa topics. PLEASE keep in mind they are but my opinions, my
feelings as it were.

1. Pete's Sexuality:
Who Cares

2. Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band of all time; BEST rock'n roll band, etc:
The Who were not prolific. The Stones have released nearly one album per
year since they came into existence; Led Zepp took some of their initial
material from Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath back in '70. The list of
comparisons of GREAT BANDS is endless. The Who was one on the list of
Greatest Bands to have ever played. I'll bet a true Who fan can relate
personally to EVERY album the band has ever released. Try asking a
Stones or Zep fan the same thing. The Who were never prolific. That was
their failure; that was their blessing.

3. I asked one of our companions on this list through personal e-mail
about royalties on material transactions advertised on this list. He was
very honest in his reply that his material was legitimate second-hand
stock, and he did not deal in bootlegs. I hope everyone will understand
that bootlegs, although seemingly a great thing to get one's hands on,
are obtained through selfish and illegitimate means, and don't make the
band (any band) one red cent. The Who's greatest failing was that of
being under-marketed, and of course being robbed blind by some of their
earlier management. Do we really have the band's best interest at hand
when we are really only looking after our own?

4. I am enjoying the continuing discussion on the Tommy Time Tense. Hope
you'll remember the album was somewhat of a dreamscape during its
conception and recording; nearly 10 years later, Ken Russell tried to
make some reason with the time- and story-line; and a further 15 years
later, Des MacAnuff attempted to Reality-Check the story even more so.

5. Glad to hear there's FINALLY some interest in the Broadway Book with
Pete's original recording of "Eyes". I picked it up 3 years ago at a
Barnes & Noble in Florida for 1/2 the original price of US#50. Sorry to
disappoint those of you looking to get a copy. But Coles BookStores in
Canada has been selling sealed copies of this Text for C$5.99 for over a
year!!! Come on up! NOTE: Does there exist a legitimate recording of the
REST of Pete's singing of "Broadway Tommy"? If you listen to "Eyes", it
starts with a fade in and ends with a fade to "the next song"...

6. One of you was asking about the Re-Mix of The Who Sell Out. In 1969,
I bought a delete from my local record rack, with a hole punched in it
and everything. It was "The Who Sell Out". BEST ALBUM IN MY COLLECTION.
The only album (now CD) better, is The Who Sell Out - Remix. For the
same reasons stated by others on this list - Jaguar and SO many other
cuts. The Who could very well have released a double album at the time
for the exceptional material they recorded. But they did not have the
credibility of the record companies of the day...they weren't prolific.
They didn't sell mega-numbers of albums. They were undermarketed. And
just as my lone example illustrates (I got my copy from a "delete"
section), Decca was not going to produce an Expe$ive double album for a
band that didn't Sell Sell Sell. Remember, vinyl was expensive compared
to CD technology. But now the capabilities of the CD are such that it
costs no more to produce 80 minutes than 35 minutes on re-releases. BUY
THE REMIX! This album was a watershed in the band's development, when
they thought commercialization of their music was the way to make money.
What a concept! You'll be entranced by the "new" commercial renditions
on this remix.

7. Lastly, a selfish request. During the course of my job (I fly all
over the world), I am continuously seeking the ultimate CD/Record Store.
I try to drop in on shops where I can/when I can. Do any of you have
specific favourites as far as new OR used shops go? If so, where are
they? Please respond via either The List or to me personally.

Thank you all for this List/Digest. I will be seeing Simon & Ben perform
on the 23rd in Vancouver. If anyone is planning on seeing this
show/concert/session, maybe I'll see you there.
Hope the list can continue to grow and feel good about itself. Best
regards to you all.

Bill in Vancouver -
I Can See For Miles.