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John's Band/ Van-Pires TV show

Hello all,

Last night I was catching up on my video recordings and
came across the second Van-Pires TV show that I have seen. 
I just don't know what to make of this.  If it wasn't for 
the good animation and John Entwistle Band music I would 
have to say that this is the goofiest damn thing I've 
bothered to sit through!  Now I will say that the whole
thing of junk yard cars coming to life and going around 
sucking gas is well 'creative'  (actually I think the 
writers were dropped on there heads when they were young)
the acting is like having finger nails scratched across a 
black board.  Maybe if I dusted off the old bong that might

On the other hand I think John has put together a real nice
group and his playing with drummer Steve Luongo is very
interesting.  With what I'm hearing on the program I'm really 
looking forward to the Van-Pires CD (scheduled to come out 
after the 1st of the year) and hopefully a tour.

Here recently in the last month or so I've been really 
getting into John's solo work.  The remastered CD's are 
IMO truely worth the while.  Roller Skate Kate is my 
favorite so far for his solo writing and the bass on 
Sleeping Man I find truely exceptional.  Overall, I'd 
love to have a band just to cover some of John's songs,
pretty damn funny stuff.

All the best,
Beau (Bats!) McCrury