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Re: 1921 and "Tommy"

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> Subject:       1921 and "Tommy"
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> Hi, I'm new here so if this got sent to the right place that's good. The Album "tommy"
> was written with the purpse of a rock opera. Townsend desperately needed Nic Cohn's
> review of the material to be good (him being a major rock journalist). Townsend knew
> Cohn was a pinball fan so he told him of the pinball angle and added it in. Pinball
> lines were stuck in in various places and pinball wizard was written (Which Townsend
> origionally thought was the worst thing he ever created. The album was created far
> before the movie ever had a script. Ken Russell (the writer) found it tremendously
> difficult to make out the plot for "1921" especially what tommy didn't see. In the
> Tommy lyrics captain walker and Father are used for dialogs. Frank was actually Tommy's
> Father if you think about the role he played in his life. Captain Walker fought in
> world war II (look at the flags in the begining of "It's a boy"). that way pinball
> was around in tommy's life time. Just a nice fact: in we're not gonna take it, the
> smoke and fire was put in to hide Dalton's smile. I learned 90% of this stuff from
> the digitally remastered tommy cd. I just started listening to the who but they're
> my favorite. for advice, what's their greatest album (I have tommy, my generation,
> and have ordered the who sell out (the old stuff's the best)).
> ---

I always heard that in the case of "Pinball Wizard", Pete was told by 
someone that "Tommy" was too damn depressing, and that it needed some 
uplifting element to it.  I imagine that the pinball angle would 
figure in nicely if he were trying to impress a rock critic.  Plus, 
it does seem to be an uplifting point after hearing Tommy be 
molested and beaten for the first half hour of the opera.