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1921 and "Tommy"

Hi, I'm new here so if this got sent to the right place that's good. The Album "tommy"
was written with the purpse of a rock opera. Townsend desperately needed Nic Cohn's
review of the material to be good (him being a major rock journalist). Townsend knew
Cohn was a pinball fan so he told him of the pinball angle and added it in. Pinball
lines were stuck in in various places and pinball wizard was written (Which Townsend
origionally thought was the worst thing he ever created. The album was created far
before the movie ever had a script. Ken Russell (the writer) found it tremendously
difficult to make out the plot for "1921" especially what tommy didn't see. In the
Tommy lyrics captain walker and Father are used for dialogs. Frank was actually Tommy's
Father if you think about the role he played in his life. Captain Walker fought in
world war II (look at the flags in the begining of "It's a boy"). that way pinball
was around in tommy's life time. Just a nice fact: in we're not gonna take it, the
smoke and fire was put in to hide Dalton's smile. I learned 90% of this stuff from
the digitally remastered tommy cd. I just started listening to the who but they're
my favorite. for advice, what's their greatest album (I have tommy, my generation,
and have ordered the who sell out (the old stuff's the best)).

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