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stb in DC

stb is ELECTRIC!!

The show at the Bayou last night featured Simon on electric guitar and lead
vocals, Lindsay King on keyboards, acoustic guitar, and backing vocals, Ben
Townshend on drums and backing vocals, and the new addition to the band, James
Hayto on bass and lead guitars. 

The band has a dynamic presence in its electric formation.  In spite of
various equipment problems, the hour and a half set sounded great, and the
band seems to really be coming together.

Set list was as follows:

No Angel
Head, Hips, and Heart
I'm Alright
So Sleep
No More Never
The Way It Is
When She Sleeps
Girl in NY
Cold Water
Girls on Girls
Save Me From Me
Ecstasy Heaven
Tony with the Shades On

If you haven't seen Simon yet, go in the coming weeks.  If you have seen him -
you ain't seen nothin' like this.

Tonight they''ll be at the Mercury Lounge-NYC.



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