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Re: More Townshend Family Silliness

>I'd say he has a Townshend overbite more than the Townshend nose.  
>Simon's wife's name is Janie.

Everyone STOP thinking those mean things about English people and 
their teeth!  Bad, very bad!  No biscuit!  Naughty Wholisters!

Anyway, I think it's more of a receded jaw than an overbite, same 
problem my family has.  (The Ledbetter jaw?)
>I've got my eye on that Ben too, Miss yellow

I'll fight you for him!  (Cat fight, cat fight!)  Rarr, I'll take you 
on any day, Amy!  Ow, ow, leggo of me!  You can't hit a girl with 
glasses, it's not fair!  Hey, watch the jaw there, that's the 
Ledbetter jaw!  Ow!  <running and hiding behind futon>  
Okay, okay, you win.  Hmph.  Some girls have all the luck.

- -Yellow "It never rains but it pours" Ledbetter