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Re: Pete's refreshing beverages

>What kind of Beer does Pete really drink?
>When I saw him at The Tower Theater in Philly, PA. , (I think in 93 
>94) he was drinking Rolling Rock Beer.
>What else does he drink? 

Pete was widely reported to have been drinking Coca Cola Classic 
during his supper club shows last spring.  I've got a video of the 
one in California, and I can verify this.  Although I did think it 
was caffeine free Diet Coke at first, but it was just the gold lights 
shining off the can! :)  At one point during the show he said 
something like, "Ah, I need sugar!" and took a big drink.  (Holy 
smashed guitar bits, what a pathetic conversation this is.)

- -Yellow "I also know what kind of beer Eddie Vedder drinks" Ledbetter