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covers an' blankets

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<< And a side note, I am compiling covers of Who songs if anyone has any to
 on I'd appreciate it.
 What I have is:
 Smithereens - the Seeker
 the Jam - So Sad About Us and Disguises
 Green Day - My Generation
 Paul Weller - Magic Bus
 WASP - the Real Me
 Elton John - Pinball Wizard
 and an album of covers called Who Covers Who.
Hasn't someone done this forty times over?

I have a cover of "Substitute"  by The Sex Pistols and Tommy re-do's by:
Uncle Wiggly, Smack Dab, The Workdogs, Pig Pen, Lunachicks, Artless, John S.
Hall, Dave the Spazz, Iron Prostate, Dogbowl, Alice Donut, and the See Me
Feel Me Orchestra.  But I don't really know who these guys are but they all
are on this 7 I got called "Tommy in seven minutes"

But I think I told you guys before