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Re: Tommy-Shrinks...

In message <199703230508.AAA00706@expert.cc.purdue.edu>,
Eric Stanley <otter@expert.cc.purdue.edu> writes
>I may be mistaken along with hundred if not thousands
>of Who fans, but my entire life I could have sworn that Mrs. Walker's
>lover killed Captain Walker.  
>That may be just me though.

You're thinking of the Tommy film.  Ken Russell did somewhat
'enhance' the story by making a few changes, this was one of them.

Interestingly enough, a lot of film critics believe that Mr. Walker
remained 'missing in action' and that this sequence was all in Tommy's
mind and was simply to illustrate the horror and betrayal Tommy
felt/experienced whilst watching Frank Hobbs make love to his mother.

I always liked this notion but it doesn't seem to fit in really.  Not unless
the 'You didn't hear it scene' was in Tommy's mind too, which I
suppose is a feasible explanation.  

Fewer people lived 'over the brush' (lived in sin) in those days (1951,
film version) so I doubt that they'd attempt to hush up their affair by
screaming at Tommy simply because he'd witnessed them in bed

He either saw the murder or created a scenario in his head which
related to his feelings of betrayal.  We've all got our theory on this.

Ken's films rely on visual effects so it could easily be a clear cut
murderous act or the wanderings of a mind.

Pete's original story is much more clear cut.  We know the Father
definitely kills the lover.
- -- 
Gary L