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Who Reissues Vs. Box Set

To the guy (or girl) who was talking about how similar
some reissues are to the songs on the Box set.  I have almost
every CD the Who has released, and would like to say that the 
reason I buy a Cd which may have all the songs on it somewhere
else, is simply because I can get tired of hearing the same group of 
songs over and over again.  I like to beable to pop in a CD and hear
a mix of songs, and then Pop in another CD and here some of the same 
songs but some different songs too.

I'm sure everyone has been listening to the radio and heard that song
on that CD which you had been listening to straight for the past week,
the song comes to an end, and you start humming the song which follows
it on the CD.  Then out of nowhere comes a completely different artist?
Anyone else been there?  

Just my thoughts.