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Re: Fun with Freud and Guitars!

After reading the most recent Digest, I can't help but feel that our 
own dear Pete, not to mention many of the listers here, all have deep-
rooted sexual problems, probably stemming from their disturbed 
childhoods. Problems of the kind that can only be cured by 
psychotherapy.  Lots and lots of psychotherapy.  High quality, very 
expensive psychotherapy, that can only be properly provided by 
someone who's been studying psychology for many years AND can speak 
in broken German.  Fortunatly for us all, I happen to be just such a 
person.  Please make your checks out to Doktor Ledbetter, N.M.D.  
Operators are standing by.

And remember, a guitar can mean anything YOU want it to...

                                                       -Gelb "My 
broken German is rivaled by none!" Bleibesser