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Sex Pistols/Horse's Neck

>I also recommend the book that Pete wrote, entitled "Horse's Neck."

>Messrs Rotten & Vicious couldn't believe in that, far from regarding
>The Who as dinosaurs, the Pistols looked to them for inspiration

Well I just thought I'd respond to these two things

I've been reading the comments about the song "Who (the fuck) are 
You? (nearly!)" over the last few days, and this is my understanding of the 
story behind it:  As far as I know, Pete went for drinks in a bar in 
the West end of london one night, and met Steve Jones (guitarist) and 
Paul Cook (drummer) from the Sex Pistols.  Unfortunately Pete was 
either too pissed to care, or genuinely didn't know, but he insisted 
on calling one of them "Johnny Rotten", and was lambasting them over 
how it was their responsibility to drag music out of the mire it was 
in at the time, as he had done (or tried) to do his bit (The Punk & 
the Godfather ??).  Anyway, Pete then ends up in a Soho doorway, a 
policeman knew his name etc. etc., and gets the tube home (Piccadilly 
Circus?).  The Sex Pistols loved the Who - the evidence is there - 
they did a cover version of Substitute on The Great Rock 'n' Roll 
Swindle, changing the lyric "my fine looking suit is really made out 
of sack" to "my mohair suit is really made out of sack".

As far as "Horse's Neck" is concerned, I think Sigmund Freud would 
have something to say - Pete is obsessed with penises all the way 
through.  I got a friend of mine to steal my copy from the library of 
the Manchester Grammar School (one of the best non-boarding schools 
in Britain for all you non-British reading this) in 1986 - result!
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