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> Most Favorite Who Song?  
> I'd have to say it's a tie between Bargain and The Music Must Change.

I agree completely, I think that Music Must Change is a fantastic piece of
work. I also like Guitar and Pen off of WAY. 

Another song that many people disregard is Cry if You Want. I realize that
many do not like the last 2 albums but I don't think that they're so bad.
Actually Face Dances was worst than It's Hard, IMHO. If you look at it's
hard there are som pretty good songs on that album with a lot of meaning. 

It's Hard, Dangerous, Emminence Front, Cry if You Want...not a bad album.
That also led to a very successful tour... also being billed as a
"farewell" tour didn't hurt.

By the way, before X-Mas I asked what kind of guitar to purchase for my
son, well he is now learning to play his first song, Can't Explain. He
dosen't quite sound like Pete yet though.

And how about those Phoenix Coyotes 3 shut outs in a row. (oops wrong news