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There has been some recent discussion about the meaning of WAY.  I 
remember seeing Pete on TV saying the song has often been 
misinterpreted and that in fact he as asking God "Who are you?".  I 
am not sure I believe him though.  To me it still seems like Pete 
saying that sure, he is a raging alcoholic, but who the f- are you?  
I think that is why I like the song so much.  Perhaps he is
embarrased now and wants to redefine the song.

It does not matter anyway.  There is no way anyone can ever see a 
work of art exactly the way the artist does.  And even the artist's 
perspective changes over time.  What matters is really what the 
art means to us.

If you disagree please be polite; I am very sensitive.

"I get my body badly pulled"