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Who Are You?

This is a response to Tom Daley's post-

        You spoke of the four themes (New Song, Blah, Blah, Blah) and then
you said," ...and the song 'WHO Are You' (A major Baba/Lover Song)...". What
did you mean? If you meant that song was partially to Meher Baba, then I
would have to disagree to an extent. Because I don't get any feelings,
WHAT-SO-EVER, that this song is spiritually connected to Baba. In my eyes(or
OMHO, if you prefer) I see the song strictly as a self-worth questioning. I
see the repetitive "Who Are You" as an inner thought pattern of Pete
wondering,"What AM I! WHO are YOU, Mr. Townshend?! Huh?!". The opening verse
speaks of the leftovers from an obviously hard night before. Later in the
song he talks about "preach'n from my chair", symbol maybe of himself as
babbling to others in a drunkened state, then to add "Well, Who Are You"
right after that, it shows more questioning of himself,"WHo are you,
Babbling Pete?". Sure, later he speaks about only feeling good on his knees,
a symbol of prayer. And then," How can I measure up to anyone now, after
such a love as this?" Which IS most likely saying after the love of God; but
- - I still feel as though he's speaking of a witnessed love. Like he's seen
others in great love for one another, or he's seen undieing love, and is
being harsh upon himself by saying,"Look at them. They're great! THEY have
true love and I DON'T! I'm a skanky old man with no heart! How can I compare
myself to those people, when thy're better than me?" I can see how it could
INVOLVE Baba, but with the energy of the music and anger in Roger's voice,
it all comes out at me in a kinda," WHO am I? "LOOK at what you are, Pete!"
You're a skank, and a drunk! You're not worthy of being who you are! "Who
ARE you!" I'm a fool. Now, Who Are YYYYYOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!?!?!?!?!?!?! You,

Andrew Thompson

P.S. Note: this is all MY opinion. I got on this list to share my thoughts
with others, since MY peers don't give a shit about the Who. But I do! And I
want to talk about them.