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Life house & WHO are You


     When "Who Are You" came out in 1978. I recall Pete giving a couple of
interviews (I probably still have them) saying that  "Who Are You"  the
album, was a continuation of the life house story and that they hoped to
make a film about it.

     This is at the time when they had formed The Who Films Ltd. ,bought a
piece of Sheperton Film Studios and had quickly released "The KIds are
Alright 1979","  Quadrophenia 1979" and "McVicar 1980" ( a Daltrey solo
album upon which Entwistle and Townshend contribute greatly).

     Pete further explained that the music theme of LifeHouse (Searching
for a note Pure & Easy....) was the key to "Who Are You"  hence four music
themed songs  "New Song" ,"Music Must change", "Guitar & Pen" and "Sister
Disco" (Sort of, more  a story of life in the night clubs) and the song
"WHO Are You" (A major Baba |Lover Song ) another key aspect of the Life
house story.

Tom Daley