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Re: Pure Rock Theatre CD

>Any on have any further info on this CD, like dates, locations, etc.?
>The Who
>Pure Rock Theatre
>U.S., Autumn, 1969, U.K. January 1970.
>Tom Stevens

This is definitely one of the most asked Who FAQ's (getting this down
Ledbetter?).  Unfortunately, I've never seen any sure information on
this.  Some have said that some of the performances are from Woodstock
(anybody A/B this to check it out?)

Anyway here are the dates that fit the above catagories.  Which tracks
come from where I can only guess:

69/10/05	Fillmore East, New York
69/10/11	The Grande Riviera, Detroit
69/10/12	The Grande Riviera, Detroit
69/10/15	Ottawa, Ontario
69/10/16	At The Electric Factory in Philadelphia
69/10/18	State University of New York, Stoney Brook
69/10/19	Electric Factory, Philadelphia
69/10/20	Fillmore East, New York
69/10/21	Fillmore East, New York
69/10/22	Fillmore East, New York
69/10/23	Fillmore East, New York
69/10/24	Fillmore East, New York
69/10/25	Fillmore East, New York
69/11/11	The Tea Party, Boston
69/11/12	The Tea Party, Boston
69/11/13	State University Of New York, New Paltz

And as far as I know The Who didn't perform in the U.K. in January 1970
(they were on their European opera house tour at the time).

			-Brian in Atlanta