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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V4 #53

Roger had a non-friendly role in Sliders, so we unfortunately did not get a
glimpse, not even a little one, of his gorgeous smile...  :-(  Nevertheless,
he looked darned good in uniform - though I really wanted to yank those
gloves off his shoulder...they looked a little silly.  But Roger ...lookin'

< From: Jennifer Lee Davies <jen@nt.net>
 Subject: gaul
         My mother had the nerve to insult Roger on his birthday.  She
 watched "Sliders" last night (and neglected to tape it for me <distress!>)
 and dared this morning to insinuate that he couldn't act!  This from the
 woman who idolized Burt Reynolds....
         I think he did a fine job, even being objective (which, I will
 admit, is difficult) and judging only by last week's show (because I didn't
 see last night's <grrr>).  I mean, sucking out people's brains isn't exactly
 a challenging role!
         And on a totally unrelated note, doesn't he look great in uniform?
 Happy birthday Roger Daltrey!