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March 1st

Today is one of the most important days in any Who fans calender.
It is dedicated to one of the most raw talents of the 20th century. It is
dedicated to a man who will fight for what he believes in. A man who can
only be described as a demigod, who has inspired many, including Elton
John. A man whose voice can knock down brick chimneys at 200 metres (I
think). A man who has changed the face of music. Long Live Rock.

Happy Birthday Roger Daltrey


Matthew Corke
Email: 96155140mc@nene.ac.uk

  "To my detractors
  To detractors of The Who
  To critics of Moons rock&roll certain death style nihilism
  I say F**k you
  And not for the first time
  I'm still briefly alive
  Be kind, be real, or get out of my face"
                                (PT  1994)
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