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Pete Townshend's Deep End

I was going through some old video tapes that my cousin had and guess what
I came across.
No wrong, Pete Townshends Deep End concert. If I remember correctly this
show was recorded about 10 or more years ago. Pete plays the acoustic for
the entire show and David Gilmour plays electric leads. It was a very
entertaining concert as Pete was very animated for the show. He did dance
for the version of Barefootin which should have been eliminated from the
concert but whattya gonna do. Simon Phillips plays drums and he has some
harmonica player playing with him I think that his name is Peter Evans. He
is pretty good though. The same woman that did percussion for the Quad show
is doing the percussion on the tape. As far as the songs...WFGA, Eyesight
to the Blind (a real bluesy version), After the Fire, Face the Face, Give
Blood, (I Put a)Spell on You, Magic Bus, Stop Hurting People, Barefootin,
Pinball Wizard, Behind Blue Eyes and countless others he played for 90
minutes. Any way I really enjoyed it and it brought back a lot of memories,
I first seen it when my wife and I were just dating. Last night I watched
it with my 9 year old son. 


Anybody else remember this show?