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Re:December 17, 1982 - Final Show

Thanks to Steve for the post on the "Final Show" in Toronto on this date
in 1982.  I was lucky enough to attend that concert, record the concert
over the radio, take pictures at the show  and also purchase the video
some years laters.  A friend's sister (she was making a pizza and heard
the radio announcement about calling in for tickets, he brother had
attended the show in Pittsburgh and thought what the heck I'll see if I can
get these tickets for him as a Christmas present) won tickets to the
show from a local radio station.  He knew it was my favorite group so he
asked me to go along.  It was finals week at college and I had one last
final the morning of the concert.  We made the trip from Pittsburgh to
Toronto by car, arriving in the late afternoon, and shocked to discover
that when I approached the box office at the Maple Leaf Gardens for
some directions that there were still seats available!!  I could also hear
the band doing a pre show warmup of "Eminence Front" as I stood at the
box office window.  Proceeded to explore the city of Toronto and then
attend the show.  The show was excellent with great seats on Pete's
side of the stage.  I collected every bit of information I could from Toronto
regarding the The Who and the FInal Show.  The local television station
were doing specials that included live reports, interviews, movie
specials. All in all,  the trip and concert remains one of my fondest
memories of The Who,  college years, and how lucky I was to have seen
what was then billed as the final live performance by the group.