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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V3 #635

More good news

Just got off the phone with Neil Sidwell, the Who's arranger & leader 
of the horn section for all the Quad shows. He tells me that the band 
will indeed tour Europe in April & May, Oz & Japan possibly in June and 
back to the states for July and August.

A little known fact is that Neil and Pete spent two months in May & 
June of '96 working out the musical arrangements for the new monolithic 
Quadrophenia. Mr. Sidwell wrote all the charts for the 16-19 musicians 
that toured with the Who from June to December.

We also spoke of the possibility that the Who's horn section might 
colaborate with Zak Starkey on an up-tempo jazz oriented album prior to 
the resumption of the tour.

If all goes well the Simon Townshend Band new album will be available 
with world-wide distribution before April as well.

Ken Guilford
Los Angeles