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new Live at Leeds CD

Hello friends:

I am a 29 year old, long time fan of the Who.  What I like the most about
them are recordings of their live shows from roughly about 1968 until
about 1974.  Live at Leeds is my all time favorite album.

Since age 15 I've played bass guitar in various alternative rock bands.
Entwistle's playing on LAL is my bible.  I know every nuance of every note
by memory.  

I recently bought the new expanded LAL CD because of all the rave reviews
its been getting on this list serve.  Thanks for the advice.  I too am
amazed by it.  It kicks ass.  I wish they would have made it a double CD
and included the whole Tommy performance. I've always thought that their
live performances of Tommy during this era were far and away better than
the original album.  I like the original album a lot, but I think it
doesn't quite do the incredible compositions full justice like their live
performances did when Moon was in top form. 

My one complaint about the new LAL is: they cut out and replaced one of
Entwistle's all-time most awesome bass lines.  In My Generation, when
Entwistle goes into his solos, the third solo is different than the one on
the original album.  Did anyone else notice this?  I don't believe it
because the original third line is the coolest ever.  It's the kind of
line that actually Moon was the master of...   When you hear it for the
first time you think "WHAT was THAT?".  Then you go back and listen again
and realize that it was just pure creative energy pouring out of an
awesome musician.  Why did the engineers re-mastering the new CD change
it?  Maybe they thought it was a mistake?  I noticed they did some
other little edits on the new CD.  Any thoughts?

Jerry namechanged