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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V3 #625

> From: vincenz2@ix.netcom.com
> Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 13:16:46 -0800
> Subject: Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V3 #624
> O.K. I was wondering if any of you here could help me out. I have seen some
> talk of guitars here and a few of you seemed quite knowledgeable.
> My son is 10 years old and has shown interest in playing the guitar since
> probably the beginning of this year. So much interest that a guitar is the
> first thing on his Christmas list. I would be more than happy to accomidate
> him except for the fact that I have never picked up a guitar and don't know
> a damn thing about them. 
> He was all pumped about an electric guitar for most of the year until about
> October when I took him along to see the Quad show here in Phoenix and now
> he has shown interest in an acoustic. I understand his interest in the
> acoustic has a lot to to with him seeing Pete Townshend play one during his
> first and only concert that he has ever seen.
> I just want to get him what ever would work best for him, plus I don't want
> to spend more than 300 or 400 dollars. 
> I would appreciate any comments or suggestions that any of you may have.
> Thanks
> Vince Favia
	Hey Vince,

	Nice to see young ones take an interest in guitar after seeing one 
of the best live.  A couple of pointers for you if I may,

	1.  Eventhough he's all excited about seeing Pete and his acoustic, 
I would still get him an electric, its much more versatile.

	2.  For the kind of money your talking about you could get yourself a 
Mexican Fender Strat (excellent guitars, had one myself for a while), a 
Yamaha (low end, looks better than it plays) and a low end Ibanez (to 
metalhead for my liking)

	3.  Stay away from Epiphone, If you can afford a Gibson, get one, don't 
go for the cheaper alternative.

	4.  For small inexpensive amplifiers I would recommend a Fender Bullet 
Reverb (nice sounding for its size), also Peavy makes some pretty nice 
small and inexpensive amps.

	5.  I would recommend getting some lessons, really only necessary 
at the beginning, so he can get over the initial hump associated with 
learning the guitar.  Once he can navigate around the fretboard, most of 
the learning should be from him.

	Hope this helps,

	P.S., feel free to contact me privately if you need more advice.

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