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Re: TheWho Digest Vol 2 Num 23

In response to your question asking if anyone is from Toronto, I'm from 
Welland which is only an hour 1/2 from TO. I plan to look into getting 
tickets this week, or the following for Tommy. 

Also to anyone who can answer, I remember watching a video about a year 
ago at a relatives house. It was a concert in which The Who performed the 
songs from Tommy in the first parts with Steve Winwood, Phil Collins, 
Billy Idol, and Patti Labelle making guest appearances. The second part 
of the show was a regular concert set wher they sang pretty much 
everything you could want to hear.

The video was pretty recent, and I think it was filmed in Carnegy<sp> 
Hall but I'm not sure. Does anyone know the name of the video, or a store 
that carries it?

    Chris Hominuk