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useless stuff

	Not that anybody cares but I gotta tell somebody....

I.	Pearl Jam is making there one and only American apperence, before 
their Asian tour, here in Missoula and I got tickets (really bad ones 
though cause I didn't get there till 6am. Damn alarm)  Anyway I'll let 
you know what Who tracks they play.  You know they gotta play at least one.

II.	To People magazine:

	1.  Umm....Excuse me but I think the box set was released 
            like 6 months ago.

	2.  Next time, don't bother.

III.    Tomorrow I'll probably be sending out my big request for 
interview material for a radio project I'm doing on the Who, so be on the 


--I apologize again for the PJ stuff, I'm just really stoked....dude.
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