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Maximum BBC tapes

Hello All

There has been some discussion recently about the 'Maximumm BBC'
boot and although I don't have it yet I thought I'd add the 
following. For many years now I've been interested in BBC 
recordings by sixties bands and a few years back I recieved two 
tapes from an English contact. It seems that there is/was a BBC 
program a few years back that you could call or fax with 
requests. It was a late night program and they would compile a 
tape of songs by the artists in question and play it straight 
through without interuptions! Some of the tracks obviously came 
from the old transciption discs for the Top Of The Pops export 
radio show, a show which was also broadcast here in Denmark in 
the late sixties (more on that some other time). These tracks 
then sometimes include the announcer from the original Top Gear/
Saturday Club shows, the great Brian Matthew. This might 
explain Dougs' comment that some tracks were from 'pretty clean 
vinyl' although this might ofcourse also be vinyl boots.
I also have a third tape which includes a short PT interview
between 'Disguises' and 'I'm a Boy' from the original broadcast.
These broadcasts could very well be the source for the 
'Maximum BBC' boot. As they are recent broadcasts this would 
explain the excellent sound quality on the CD.
Below I've listed the contents of the two tapes so that you can 
compare them with the boot.

The Good's Gone
My Generation
La-la-la-lies ("last one this week..from their album.." BM)
Run Run Run (..opening our show..BM)
Boris the Spider
Happy Jack
My Way
I'm Free
The Seeker ("latest single..in the charts.." BM)
Heaven and Hell
Shakin' all over/

Good Lovin'
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Just You and Me
Leaving Here
I'm a Boy
So Sad about Us
I Can't Reach You (introduced by BM)
Our Love Was
A Man with Money
Dancing in the Street (introduced by BM)
I Can See for Miles
Pictures of Lily
Summertime Blues ("..to wind up the show.." BM)

Also check Generations # 4 for an article/list on
the 'Radio Sessions 1965-1971'.

PS. What label etc. is the 'Maximum BBC' on?