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Re: The Who via The Moody Blu...

I view it this way... Pete Townshend already revolutionized rock.  He's
completed that.  Now his challenge is to revolutionize Broadway.  I think
TOMMY is probably at its best in the Broadway format (almost anyone who's
seen the show would agree with me) and I believe that he will revolutionize
Broadway.  50 years before TOMMY opened at the St. James, OKLAHOMA opened
there.  It was "the new" Broadway musical.  I believe TOMMY is "the new"
Broadway musical.  I see no reason why he shouldn't try to expand his
horizons and try doing his music in any way he can to see how it works the
best.  Why not improve great music to make it even greater!  I look forward
to hearing IRON MAN once he completes his revisions.  

I respect your opinions, but please see it from the other side, from the
perspective of one who BECAME a The Who fan from being a Broadway fan taken
by TOMMY.  

Josh Israel
Barrington, RI