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Re: The Who via The Moody Blues & LSO

On Thu, 26 Jan 1995, Susan Whiting wrote:

> That having been said, the idea of putting *anything* by the Who in the hands
> of the Moody Blues and/or the LSO positively revolts me!  It seems to me 
> that Pete has always produced his best art (whether songwriting or 
> performance) when he has approached the matter as a pugnacious, big-nosed 
> Once again, all apologies to the multitudes I have doubtless offended.  
> Anyone agree with me?
> 					Same as the old boss,
> 					Craig O'Neill

	I agree.  I don't understand why Pete is continually letting his 
music be toyed with.  Eventually, his stuff is going to become a joke (Tommy 
especially.)  "Oh good, here comes another version of Tommy.  Its the 
Chattanooga Chainsaw Choir.  Definitely the definitive version!"  
Although we were all joking about it earlier, I almost wouldn't be 
surprised to here a country western tribute album. 
        I know Pete wants as many people to hear his music as possible 
and he thinks he can accomplish that by changing it's format so it's more  
acceptable to certain ears, but I think he and his music loses
respectability with each different translation that comes out whether Pete 
was part of the creation or not.  In a way, he's selling out the Who and 
selling out rock-n-roll.  
        If he wants to create new more "mature" pieces now that he's 
supposedly matured, thats fine.  But I don't think he should take the 
young, raw, evil spirit away from his original music to make it more  
palettable to a more cultured or mature (or whatever) audience.  
	I always find myself disappointed when I hear about a new 
adaptation of the Who's music.  I haven't seen Tommy the musical yet, 
but I have a feeling I wouldn't enjoy it.  Something tells me I'm not 
going to enjoy the  "Who get Orchestrated" project either.  The spirit 
and original intent of the original music is lost during these 
conversions to other styles.  Give me Pearl Jam with Vedder yelling about 
his/formerly Pete's/now my Generation; the feeling is real.  Don't give me a 
bunch of old guys with violins and clarinets.  The lyrics and chords 
merely become lines and dots on a page because no matter how good a 
musician is, if he has no connection, feeling, or understanding of the 
music he or she is playing they won't be able to play it or sing it 
properly.  It becomes "out of tune" and the "sensation" is lost, so to speak.
      I guess I just need to have Pete sit down and explain it all to me. 


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