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Who QuestionsSun Dec 7 12:23:24 PST 1997

1. I'd have to say Dave Gilmour! I'm afraid that I'm a big Floyd fan too!
I particularly think that his guitar playing on "After The Fire" from the
Deep End gigs is brilliant. I too thought that Boltz was too mechanical!
As for Phil Palmer and Geoff Whatshisname, Where are thay from?
(Other Floyd-Who musicians include Jon Carin, Rabbit, Andy Fairweather-Low, 
 Jodi Linscott, and the Kick Horns.)

2.I read that Pete's half-way through yet another scoop!(UK Mag). I also read   an interview with John, saying that Pete significantly re-recorded many demos   after the band had added their input!!
I'd love to hear: (without Tape hiss!!!)
Give Blood, Face the Face, Dig, Sea Refuses no river, Slit Skirts, Let my love, Who are you, Dreaming from the waist, Eminence Front, Sparks etc.....
I've also got a tape of Baba songs mainly by Pete. There is one song in         particular that I would LOVE to hear properly. My tape calls it "Meher".
The "choruses" are Pete breathing/singing "Meh-er...". The great middle
section goes something like "Time and again, nothing changes, life remains the 
same..........Baba's son, shine on, shine on......". Does anyone else know      what this is? Is it from a Baba Album ?

3.I'll think about covers.