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Re:WHO questions

>From Marty:
>QUESTION #1 - Which second guitarist used on WHO/PT/RD tours post-Kenny Jones
>              is the best and why? (Your choices: David Gilmour, Steve "Boltz"
>                                    Bolton, Phil Palmer, Geoff Whitehorne)

I'd have to go with Dave Gilmour.  I never really liked Bolton's playing on the
Who tours that I've seen, but frankly, I was real disappointed that there was a
second guitarist at all, not to mention all the horns, singers, blah blah... I
like the Who as a four-piece band, with the possible exception of a keyboardist
to fill in occasionally, since PT can't play guitar and keyboards at the same

>QUESTION #3 - If a WHO tribute album does happen (there is currently talk of a
>              project by MCA), which contemporary/alternative performers 
>              should contribute, and which WHO songs should they cover?

I'll repost:
  Greenday:  My Generation - I really had no idea that they have already done
             this!  I'll have to pick up the CD.
  Little Village: Squeeze Box - John Hiatt's "hillbilly on crank" vocals and Ry
                  Cooder's slide solo would give this song a whole new level
  Eric Clapton: Sally Simpson - preferably with a long, long guitar solo... :)
  Van Morrison: One Life's Enough - I think this is a perfectly structured song
                for his structure-less vocal style
  Ray Charles: Blue Red & Grey - think about it...