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RD ActingSun Dec 7 12:23:24 PST 1997

"The Hunting of the Snark" was a show specially performed for UK's Channel
4 network. The songs were written by Mike Batt (who was behind "the wombles",
wrote "Bright Eyes" for Art Garfunkel, and produced many bands, including
Steeleye Span). It starred Roger as a Judge, Julian Lennon, Billy Connoly,
Captain Sensible etc... I've got it on video at home in Cambridge !
I think it was aimed at a wide audience, not just for Kids!

On the subject of covers....
I play bass in a band that plays lots of Who songs including:
Can't Explain, Substitute, Behind Blue Eyes, Water, The Real Me, Sparks,
I'm One, Drowned, Odorono, Pictures of Lily, A Quick One etc.......
I like to think that we're quite unique!
Does anyone else know of any small time groups that play obscurer Who songs.


Have you all got the officially released "Who Covers" CD ??????