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RD ActingSun Dec 7 12:23:24 PST 1997

1.We can't forget the children's BBC2 programme "Buddy" and the follow up
film "Buddy's Song". I thought that they were both pretty good.
2.Roger was in a "children's film foundation" picture called "Pop Pirates"
in the mid 80s. And by coincidence, he played......"a rock star"
3.The "Generations" fanzine suggests that Pete took a small acting part
in some of the "underground" 60s films he "scored"! Doed anyone else know
anything about this? ("The Seeker", "The Lone Ranger" etc....)
4.Does Pete "act" in the White City film? Has he appeared in any other films
except The Who's, Secret Policeman's Ball, Kampuchea etc..? Was he in any
Meher Baba films?