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Re: Who Tribute Album

>Pete writes:
>And I was thinking which groups would sound 
>best doing which songs, and this is something 
>that I used to think about even before I learned 
>of the possible new record.
>Stone Temple Pilots doing "Naked Eye"...
>( Imagine that deep voice singing "Take a little dope..."
How about:
Green Day:  "My Generation"
  - MG needs a young, fresh, energetic, frenetic flavor
Little Village: "Squeeze Box"
  - Imagine John Hiatt's vocal and Ry Cooder's solos...
Eric Clapton: "Sunrise" or "Sally Simpson"
  - Hard to disassociate EC with "Eyesight To The Blind" but the guitar lines
    of these two songs are mind-boggling in their potential
Sting: "Gettin' In Tune"
  - I'm not normally a fan of Sting, but his vocal ability is stupendous, and
    he has a history of at least two brilliant vocal interpretations of other's 
    songs ("Come Down In Time" from the Elton John/Bernie Taupin tribute *Two 
    Rooms*, and his version of "Little Wing")
This is fun...