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Generations subscription questions

I have the following information on the Generations fanzine and want to
sign up, but still have some questions:

>Phil Hopkins
>1 Egbert Road
>Meols, Wirral
>Merseyside, England
>L47 5AH

>Issues are $5 each (send $10 because they prefer you subscribe for two
>issues).  Send  US funds or a UK payable check in pounds.  It is easier just
>to send cash.  Price includes postage.  

>For UK/European orders enclose SAE or 2 IRC's.  Make all checks and PO's
>payable to Phil Hopkins.  Prices are 3 pounds for two issues.

- What exactly is meant by inlcluding a SAE?  Do you include one for every 
issue you want, or send it only once (upon joining)?

- What is an IRC?  I'm living in Italy and would like the magazine sent here.

- Is there an email address for Generations?

If anyone has any information regarding this, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


PS. While I'm taking up internet time I might as well ask another question:

Is the Secret Policeman's Ball (the one with Pete) out on CD?