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More Tommy info...


Several people have emailed me about more info on the Tommy CD - there
isn't any on the CD (it's just a 90 sec Quicktime movie) but here's some
other stuff I was able to dig up:

RoundBook, Pete Townshend plan Tommy title. (RoundBook Publishing Group
      Inc.; Kardana Productions; CD-ROM title based on musical 'The Who's
      Tommy'), CD-ROM Professional, March 1994 v7 n2 p15(1).
      Reference # A15172788   Text: Yes (111 words)   Abstract: No

Full Text COPYRIGHT Pemberton Press Inc. 1994

RoundBook Publishing Group, Inc. announced an agreement with Kardana
Productions, co-producer of the Broadway musical, The Who's Tommy, and Pete
Townshend, originator and creative force behind Tommy. The new team will
collaborate on a comprehensive multimedia exploration of the Tommy phenomenon
in all its forms, from Pete's original compositions and recordings to the
current Broadway musical. Compton's NewMedia will distribute the disc which is
to be available in September, 1994 [uh, huh!].

In addition, Greg Smith, president of RoundBook said Mr. Townsend has accepted
an offer to become a corporate advisor and consultant on a number of
unannounced interactive projects. Both Kardana Productions and Pete Townshend
will also become equity investors in RoundBook.


I also found mention of a WSJ article on the CD, but the full text
wasn't availible, so here's the citation:

'Tommy' in cyberspace; The Who's rock-opera goes interactive, and its
      journey says a lot about the new medium. ( Entertainment & Technology), 
      The Wall Street Journal, March 21, 1994 pR15(W) pR15(E) col 1 (33 col

Hope this helps,